A Day at Wimpole Farm

On Day Two of our England Trip we started off by touring Wimple Farm which was founded in 1794 and serves as a major tourist attraction for over 750,000 people a year! The farm was very very beautiful and works to conserve and display many rare breeds. One such breed is the bagot goat, white park cattle, and traditional long horn cattle. Wimpole Farm has about 50% of the remaining bagot goats in the world!

Wimpole Farm strives to conserve these rare breeds and save them from extinction. In doing so, they realize that these breeds come in a variety of sizes with little uniformity, are much more primitive, and are slower to mature. With this struggle, they converted their farm to an organic system eight years ago to raise demand for their product and be competitive among commercial products. Throughout those eight years, they have had a variety of high and low points but have finally figured out what works for them. They have created a niche market in which customers can come to the farm and see the live animal which then gets brought to slaughter that same week and is brought back to the farm and sold in the shop. This gives the consumer a real farm to table experience and the whole processes is done less than 20 miles from the farm.

Enjoy pictures of these rare breeds!

Word of the Day: Cow Crusher- another term for a cattle chute.

-Miriah & Madison


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