Tithe Farming at Wimpole Estates

Our first full day in the United Kingdom is finally coming to a close! Our journey took us to two incredible places today: Wimpole Estates and Boydell's Dairy Farm. Wimpole Estates was a beautiful example of what tithe farming looks like!

Essentially the majority of the estate was a huge acreage of grazing pastures with sheep exploring, BUT Wimpole is also known primarily for the fact that they raise many different rare breeds of sheep and cattle. They also work to restore the lineage of some of the more rare breeds that have been overshadowed by some more commonplace breeds.

Another way that Wimpole has focused on conserving the history of England is through maintaining the original tithe buildings and barns, without touching the exteriors. To do this, they actually custom fit any new equipment, which is needed to fit their needs, to the existing building! Here are some of them:

English Word of the Day: "silage clamp" which translates to "silage bunker" in American terms!

-Katie and Paige


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