Hunky Dory Heritage Breeds

White Park Steer

Charlie the Bull

So far we have learned a lot about heritage breeds in England, one of them being the White Park cattle. This type of cattle originated in the British Isles. They have either black or red (rare) points on the face and black or red socks on the legs. There is characteristic speckling around the eyes, but the rest of the body is entirely white. White Park bulls get up to 2,535 lbs in size, which is extremely large for any cattle breed. They take about 36 months until they're ready for slaughter, but the wait is well worth it as they produce highly marbled meat, especially when crossed with breeds such as the angus. White Parks are a rarer breed and officially recognized in the EU.

British Saddleback Pig

Another fun breed we have learned about is the British Saddleback Pig. One main characteristic that is very easy to spot is the white band, which is the source of the name. This breed of pig is a cross between Essex sows and Wessex boars, which are now extinct. The Saddleback breed is a vey docile breed, however, they are slowly declining in numbers with less than 500 breeding sows remaining. That being said, Wimpole is trying to bring back dwindling breeds, so you can expect to see them there!

White Faced Woodland Ewe & Lambs

White Faced Woodland Lamb

Wimpole is home to 70 White Faced Woodland sheep, which is 10% of the world's population. This breed is a type of horned hill sheep that is native to the Woodlands of Hope in the South Pennines of England, and is known for its roman nose, finer wool, and lean carcass.

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