Exploring London

Similar to The Amazing Race: Cambridge, Beth and Krishona sent us on a similar adventure in London to explore the many historic landmarks the city has to offer. These landmarks included.

1) Elizabeth Tower/ Parliament buildings ("Big Ben")
We started off the amazing race with Big Ben, unfortunately the tower was being restored and was covered in scaffolding so we did not get the whole experience but it was still a beautiful sight to see. The tower was originally named clock tower, but renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. Big Ben is the nickname for the bell located within the clock, although it is a common misconception that Big Ben is the name of the tower itself.

2) Westminster Abbey
Since we are here over the duration of the royal wedding we felt that it was worth noting that many royal weddings have been held here, however Harry and Meghan's wedding was not held here, it took place at Windsor.

3) Buckingham Palace
Built in 1703, Buckingham Palace is the location of administrative headquarters for the United Kingdom. It is also the site of the famed changing of the guard.
4) St. James Park/ St. James Palace

St. James Palace was built between 1531 and 1536. 
5) Trafalgar Square

6) National Gallery (meet in front of Sunflowers)

The national gallery houses many famous paintings including some by Van Gogh and Seurat. Our original meeting place was at Whistlejacket by George Stubbs however it was on loan so we were unable to see that painting.

After the amazing race we were given the opportunity to explore other amazing landmarks including Tower Bridge, Abbey Road, The Tower of London, 221B Baker Street, The London Eye, and many historical or cultural landmarks. We are thankful for this opportunity to explore the city, and are excited for everything that is to come. 

English Word of the Day: Busker- An individual playing music in the street for petty cash. On several streets around the Thames there were signs saying "no busking".

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