The BBQ and the Chop Chop

On Friday May 18, after the tour of Northfield Farm, they provided our group with a BBQ.  When we first thought of a BBQ, we thought of baked beans, pulled pork, and chips.  However, their BBQ options consisted of lamb or beef burgers, chips (fries), coleslaw, salad with salad cream, and a mint cucumber salad.  We soon found out this wasn’t your typical American BBQ.  During the tour and the BBQ, we were told that all the meat served from their food truck came straight from their farm.  All their meat is raised, butchered, and cooked by Northfield Farms.  They also take part in the Borough Market selling burgers and other cooked goods out of their food truck.  Northfield Farms is known to be the first farm to have a food truck at the Borough Market.  

Burger, chips, and sides served to us by Northfield Farm.

The menu to Northfield Farm's food truck services.

On Friday May 25, we visited Native Beef.  After touring the farm, they also provided us with a BBQ.  They prepared their home raised, pasture fed, beef burgers that they butcher in their own shop.  Compared to Northfield’s BBQ, Native Beef was more like a traditional American BBQ that we would expect, consisting of condiments for the burgers, fresh fruit and vegetables, dessert, and their homemade beer.  The beer was brewed in their own brewery that is also located on the farm.  Before the BBQ, the group had the opportunity to watch the butcher cut up a quarter of beef into their specific cut portions, as well as make sausages.  This all took place in their own butcher shop.  The sausages were made by mixing 7 pounds of beef, 1 pound 10 ounces water, and one package of salt and pepper seasoning.  The seasoning that was mixed into the sausage was gluten free so that it could be sold to more customers.  The sausage was then packed inside sheep intestine casings because it was a good size for those specific sausages.  The specific cuts we watched the butcher cut were the flank which was used for burgers, brisket, and forerib.  The forerib could then be cut into smaller pieces which included cutting the four ribs off from the roast.  The rib portion was called Jacob’s Ladders or Oven Busters. 

Quarter of Beef from Native Beef




Jacob's Ladder/ Oven Buster

Finished Sausage Links

Burgers being Grilled for our BBQ served by Native Beef

English Word of the Day: "No Fouling" means being in control of our dog and cleaning up its feces.  

-Macie and Ramsey


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