Amazing Race in Cambridge

Day one of our amazing England journey is coming to a close! After delays at both the airport and the coach bus, we settled into our hotel, Travelodge. Everyone was exhausted from the eight hour flight and almost everyone took a nap! We then went and had a wonderful dinner of either fish and chips or steak burger at The Burleigh Arms. Beth and Krishona picked out various places in Cambridge to take pictures of and called it the 'Amazing Race in Cambridge'.  The four things we had to find were:
1) neighborhoods around Green St. and Rose Crescent
2) Kings Parade and Kings College
3) Corpus Clock
4) Eagle Pub
Everyone had a great time exploring the city with its upbeat pubs and the beautiful river. It was a great opportunity for students to get to know one another with this fun activity. As the day comes to a close, students are both going out and having fun and also resting up for tomorrows exciting activities! Up next is exciting days out on England's Farms. 

England Word of the Day: "Smashing" This is a term of endearment and can be used in saying: Our tour guide for the day was simply smashing!

Alexis and Madison


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